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    etichetta 800The beginnings of the Pelikan Company date back to 1838, with colored inks and watercolors production; but only in 1879 the owner, G´┐Żnther Wagner, registered the pelican trademark, from his family crest.
    The first Pelikan transparent fountain pen was launched in 1929, using a new piston filling system (with a differential spindle gear).
    In 1950 the first striped green fountain pen was launched, which would begin a Pelikan unmistakable symbol, as well as the clip, shaped as a pelican beak.

    Giardino Italiano is authorized dealer of Pelikan writing instruments

    Pelikan- 605 Stresemann

    605 Stresemann
    Special Edition in medium size of gray-striped Stresemann

    Pelikan- 205 Star Ruby

    205 Star Ruby
    Pelikan 205 Star Ruby in the 2019 color, with related ink, special edition

    Pelikan- 805 Blue Dunes

    805 Blue Dunes
    Pelikan special edition based on Souveraen model, in deep and light blue shades

    Pelikan- 815 Metal Striped

    815 Metal Striped
    A black and white Souveraen in resin and palladium

    Pelikan- 800 Stone Garden

    800 Stone Garden
    Special Edition of Souveraen 800 with marbled blue/brown cellulose acetate barrel

    Pelikan- 205 Demo

    205 Demo
    Small demonstrator with piston filling system, special edition

    Pelikan- 605 White Tr

    605 White Tr
    Exquisite transparencies in milk white tones - piston filled - Special Edition

    Pelikan- 120 green-black

    120 green-black
    Historic re-edition of an early model from 1955 -Special Edition- Piston filled

    Pelikan- 205 Duo

    205 Duo
    Translucent fountain pen with fluo ink

    Pelikan- Souveran 400

    Souveran 400
    Feminine fountain pens of Souveran model, white with striped turtle translucent body, with golden finishing

    Pelikan- 151

    Green-black fountain pen and ballpen, 151 series, with gift packaging

    Pelikan- Souveran 1000

    Souveran 1000
    Oversize fountain pens of Souveran model, both classic striped version and total black one, with golden finishing

    Pelikan- Souveran 800

    Souveran 800
    Large size pens of Souveran model, black cap and striped body in different colors, with golden finishing

    Pelikan- Souveran 600

    Souveran 600
    Medium size pens of Souveran model, black cap and striped body in different colors, with golden finishing

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