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    foto The Indigenous People series is back with Senegalesi, a tribe from the Bay of Bengal.

    Indigenous People

    Limited Edition
    388 fountain pens
    388 roller
    cartina geograficaNorth Sentinel is one of the Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal, about 60 square km in area.
    It is the territory of an indigenous tribe, the Sentinelese, who refuse any contact with the outside world: one of the last populations in the world still untouched by modern civilisation.
    They do not cultivate, they do not raise livestock, and they attack anyone who tries to come into contact with them.
    The Indian government recognised their right to live apart in 2005, and imposed an unconditional ban on approaching within 3 miles of the island.

    Indigenous People
    Nativi Americani,
    Kanaka Maoli
    Bri Bri
    Indigenous People
    From 2003 to 2015, Delta produced 15 collections in the Indigenous People series, each dedicated to an indigenous population of the world, its customs and traditions. A highly successful series, which finally sees a new addition.

    Sentinelesi - Indigenous People

    Almost 10 years after the last Indigenous People collection, Delta resumes its journey among the peoples of the earth and creates Sentinelesi, designed by sculptor and designer Francesco Rienzi, who had also designed many of the previous collections.

    Delta Sentinelesi is a tribute to the history of this indigenous people who have preserved their connection with the surrounding nature (sea, sky and earth) over millennia.

    The pen is composed of many pieces that differ in materials, colours and finishes; all hand turned from solid bar. The colours of the resins reflect those of nature: the sea and sky surrounding the island, the green of the forest that covers it, the brown of the earth.

    Delta Sentinelesi Indigenous People

    All trims are 24Kt gold plated.
    Its clip clip is inspired by the rudimentary weapon that the inhabitants of North Sentinel use to hunt.

    Delta Sentinelesi - topDelta Sentinelesi - nib

    At the cap top, a gold-plated disc is engraved with a map of the island; the outline of the island and its coral reef is also engraved on the nib.
    The Delta Sentinelesi collection includes fountain pen and rollerball.

    Sentinelesi roller
    Delta Indigenous People Sentinelesi

    Piston filling: pixed piston, fully made in Delta's laboratory.
    Nib: 14Kt gold, available as EF, F, M, B, Stub1.1, ald also Flex F and Flex EF.


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