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    La Grande Bellezza Rock From La Grande Bellezza series, new finish and new rock colours


    A classic of Pineider collection: after La Grande Bellezza Gemstones, discontinued a few years ago, here is a similar model of fountain pen, made with a very different resin, inspired to hard, rocky and harsch colours, which are justas beautiful.

    Black finishes accentuate the intense character of the La Grande Bellezza Rock in all models: fountain pen, rollerball and ballpen.

    Pineider La Grande Bellezza Rock blue-black

    Hand turned from solid bar, this colored resin with rocky or lava veins and shades perfectly match thedeep black steel.
    Magnetic closure, both for cap closed and cap posted back.
    The clip is different: still inspired to a goose quill, but stylized and cut-out. (In all Pineider projects, every collection of pens has a different clip, yet inspired to quills).

    Four beautidul colours for this Grande Bellezza Rock:
    Pineider La Grande Bellezza Rock grey-black

    Pineider La Grande Bellezza Rock blue-black

    Pineider La Grande Bellezza Rock red

    Pineider La Grande Bellezza Rock yellow

    Nib: black steel, available as EF, F, M
    Filling system: piston filled, with porthole shaped inspection window.


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    Description Color Version List Price €
    La Grande Bellezza Rock - fountain pen € 257.00
    La Grande Bellezza Rock - roller roller€ 229.00
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