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    Io Penna Io Penna, soft and translucent, designed by Gaetano Pesce


    Aesthetic harmony, balance of forms, study of materials: the IO-PENNA pen (that could be translated as I-PEN), designed by Gaetano Pesce in collaboration with Visconti, is not only a pen but the most contemporary creation in the world of luxury writing.
    The absolute innovation is the soft body: foldable, roll-up, made with soft resin.

    "No one has ever gone so far
    in the pen market, so far beyond,
    in experimenting with materials,
    like Visconti did
    with Gaetano Pesce."

    The architect Pesce has created a sculptural pen, to which people can relate, which refers to the grace and sensuality of the human body; for this reason he choose to call it "IoPenna" (= I-Pen). That's why he designed a clip in the shape of a human face.
    He also played with his own surname, by giving the pen an elegant and slender profile that resembles a fish.

    Definitely an ultramodern concept, with bright colors:

    Io Penna orange fountain pen
    IoPenna yellow ballpen
    IoPenna green fountain pen
    Io Penna blue ballpen
    IoPenna violet fountain pen
    Io Penna red ballpen

    Gaetano Pesce
    Gaetano Pesce

    Sculptor, designer and architect,
    (La Spezia 1938 - New York 2024),
    is one of the leading exponents of Italian design.
    His famous UP armchair,
    designed in the '60s for B&B Italia,
    is one of the best-known design furniture.
    He has been living in New York since 1983 and his works
    are on display in the world's major museums.

    Made in fountain pen version (cartridge filling system, steel nib available as F, M, B), and also in ballpen version, with a small refill (VA50).

    Both the models have a hard resin transparent cap and soft, satin translucent body of the same color.
    Palladium plated trims.

    Mr. Pesce said, in an official statement: "This pen aims to be closer to the modern spirit, made of new, colorful and seducing materials, evoking the softness of the human body".

    His purpose was also to give a young instrument, a fountain pen that keeps up with times and with the creative experiments that are typical of modernity and young people, in n increasingly digital world.

    Box  IoPenna

    The packaging has been specifically projected too: it's a designer transparent resin case, in the shape of a hook, in which the pen bends gracefully.

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