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    Elmo 02 A revival of the famous Elmo pen from the 1920s, with new blended colours

    ELMO 02

    Montegrappa's Elmo 02 pen is a revival of a famous pen from the 1920s, sober and classic, with symmetrical proportions and a nostalgic, no-frills look.
    Revisited with extraordinary new blended colours of resin, equipped with a professional nib and moderately priced.

    Elmo 02 Montegrappa

    The Elmo 02 Montegrappa collection links up with the origins of the Elmo Montegrappa in its elegantly austere form, whose only "frivolousness" is the sash-shaped clip.

    The body and cap, featuring this marbled effect in swirling, random waves - that make each pen different from the others - come in different colours, each named after one of the peaks of the Dolomites mountains.

    Elmo 02 Croda Rossa: resin with orange black and several grey tones.
    Croda Rossa is the name of a mountain in the Dolomites, on the border between Veneto and South Tyrol.
    Montegrappa Elmo 02

    Elmo 02 Cortina: resin with green background, with black and white veins.
    Cortina D'Ampezzo is a well-known ski tourist resort in the district of Belluno.
    Montegrappa Elmo 02

    Elmo 02 Sorapis: blended blue-white resin, with turquoise hints.
    Lake Sorapis, the gem of the Dolomites, at an altitude of 1915 metres.
    Montegrappa Elmo 02

    Elmo 02 Asiago: mainly brown, with various colours from army green to white.
    Asiago, the main town on the homonymous plateau, known for Nordic skiing and the famous Asiago cheese.
    Montegrappa Elmo 02 penna a sfera

    Montegrappa Elmo 02 box
    The collection includes the fountain pen, the roller and the ballpen.

    Nib: steel, decorated with the classic Montegrappa filigree pattern, available as EF, F, M, B, Stub 1.1 and Stub 1.5
    Filling system: cartridge/converter

    Length: mm. 142
    Diameter mm. 17

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    Description Color Version List Price €
    Elmo 02 fountain pen € 240.00
    Elmo 02 roller roller€ 233.00
    Elmo 02 ballpen ball pen€ 200.00
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