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    Leonardo Audace Ebonite collection, with Guilloché engravings


    Limited Edition
    223 black pieces
    123 red pieces
    New collection, completely made of ebonite, engraved with the ancient Guilloché technique, fully made in Italy.

    The collection consists of two fountain pens, one in deep black ebonite, and one in garnet red ebonite.

    Leonardo Audace Art Nouveau


    Audace Black
    Audace Red

    pattern Audace The Italian-made Guilloché decoration has a "Ondona" pattern: an wavy pattern where the sign plays with light as the viewing angle shifts.

    The Guilloché engraving is a very ancient art, wellknown in Italy since the Medieval age, that allows to create a harmonious, intricate and repetitive pattern on precious metals or other hard surfaces with special manually guided machines, that require experience and aesthetic sensitivity refined over the years.

    The nibs

    The pen is optionally assembled with 6mm large nib or 8mm giant nib.

    Leonardo Audace: nibs

    Both the nibs are made of 14Kt gold and available as EF, M, B, Stub 1.1
    Japanese ebonite feeder.

    Filling system: piston, made in home.
    The pen is completely disassembleable, due to a special steel tool that is sold separately; with which you can disassemble the barrel from the caseback and piston, and nib group.

    Golden finishing.

    Length of the pen closed: mm. 143
    Length of the pen, uncapped: mm. 130
    Diameter: mm. 12,8-17,2
    Weight: 40 g.

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    Description Color Version List Price €
    Audace Art Nouveau - fountain pen - 6mm nib black€ 489.00
    Audace Art Nouveau - fountain pen - 8mm nib black€ 499.00
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    gift packaging
    € 2.00

    Tool for disassembling the Leonardo piston pens
    € 29.00
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