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    Pineider Arco Rainbow All the rainbow's colours in the Arco resin of Pineider's Arco Rainbow


    The Pineider Arco collection - from La Grande Bellezza series - is a limited edition inspired by the celluloid iridescence, yet being not celluloid.

    The material of all Arco is layered resin, which in the Rainbow model are alternating all colors of the rainbow: red, yellow, green turcquoise, blue, violet.
    Turning the plate at a specific angle (4 degrees) brings out the overlapping layers and enhances their natural iridescence.

    Pineider Arco Rainbow fountain pen

    Pineider Arco Rainbow closed
    Pineider Arco Rainbow

    The Arco Rainbow fountain pen is piston filled and features a porthole-style inspection window in the black grip of the pen.

    pennino Pineider Arco rainbowIts 14Kt gold hyperflex nib stands out for its extraordinary ductility and excellent "memory" effect.  It's suitable for everyday use, shaped at sides for a better flexibility.
    It's not a calligraphic nib, though, which had different characteristics; it just makes the pleasure of writing its strong point, because it allows a fluid stroke, which does not require any pressure, as the fountain pen was the extension of the hand.

    The Arco Rainbow pen, like other Pineider's Grande Bellezza pens, features a special  magnetic lockthat keeps the cap when it's closed and also open (on the back).
    A special Pineider patented magnet polarisation allows soft opening and safe closing.

    The clip represents a quill, like all Pineider pens. (Each series of pens has a different clip, always inspired by the quill.)

    Black steel finishing

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    Arco Rainbow - resin fountain pen € 707.00
    Arco Rainbow - resin roller roller€ 399.00
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