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    foto Edizione Limitata in pregiata resina vintage, rossa marmorizzata.

    NOBILE Limited

    Limited Edition
    88 fountain pens
    The Delta Nobile fountain pen is made of a precious non-repeatable material recovered from Delta's historical archive. The marbled red resin used for cap, bottom and grip is the one used about 15 years ago for the limited Julius Caesar.
    The barrel, on the contrary, is made of translucent red resin, which allows a glimpse of the piston and ink inside.
    Design and dimensions of the Dolcevita Medium, a Delta super-classic.

    Nobile Delta

    The finishes are golden (24 Kt gold-plated metal), while the central band of the cap, which reproduces in relief a Greco-Roman decoration used for the outlines of the frescoes of ancient Pompeii, is made of vermeil (gold-plated sterling silver).

    Delta Nobile
    Delta Imperial Blue

    Red ebonite feeder, manufactured in-house by Maiora

    Delta Nobile - feeder Delta Imperial Blue - details

    Piston filling system.
    18Kt gold giant nib, as F, M, B.


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