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    Van Gogh The legendary Van Gogh, reviewed and improved


    In 2009 Visconti announced the phase out of the Van Gogh pen, after more than 10 years of success worldwide, leaving a gap of colors and designs in pens' range; however, they announced also that they would have developed a new model, even more inspired to Van Gogh work.

    Here is the result: pens which honour his most famous paintings.
    Visconti looked for the most representative artworks and the right formulas for colors and effects, able to link objects and techniques so much different each other.


    Starry Night is the BLUE pen, enlighted by green, white and yellow nuances;Van Gogh stilo blu
    Van Gogh blu roller

    Sunflowers is the YELLOW pen, with ochre and yellow veins and spots
    Van Gogh yellow roller

    Self-portait is the LIGHT BLUE pen, with white and brown veins.
    Van Gogh Light blue fp

    Pollard is RUSTY/GREEN with green, yellow and grey veins.Van Gogh rusty Pollard

    Souvenir de Mauve is PINK with white and red veins
    Van Gogh - pink

    Novel Reader is DARK GREEN with violet veins and golden finish
    Van Gogh dark green

    Faceted cap and body, with 18 sides, with metal ends and magnetic closure of the cap.

    MyPenSystemAlso new Van Gogh pens can be personalized with initials or gems on the cap top, with accessories of Visconti's MyPenSystem.
    Personalization is reversible because we'll send you also the original Visconti top disc for future substitution.

    The fountain pen features cartidge/converter filling system and a small steel nib, EF - F - M - B.

    The Van Gogh series includes fountain pen, rollerball, and ballpen.
    They are named as the painting, and arem packed in a beautiful gift-box with with the faithfully reproduced canvas, a bookmark and an ink bottle.

    Starry Night: blue
    Sunflowers: yellow
    Self-portait: light blue
    Pollard: rusty/green
    Souvenir de Mauve: pink
    Novel reader: dark green

    Also the Van Gogh series features the magnetic lock, simple and efficient at the same time. In this case not only has Visconti optimized the necessary opening effort but has also conceived the system with a view to render the closing easier as well. The closure results best for everyone, even for those particularly distracted, allowing to avoid in this manner accidents such as those typical of the twist closing pens.


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    Van Gogh - faceted fountain pen € 238.00
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    personalization with MyPenSystem - the 2 initials
    € 8.50

    Personalization with Visconti MyPenSystem cabochon gem

    € 10.00

    converter - push
    € 6.50
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