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    Travel ink blotter Fountain pens' ink blotter, foldable, for travelling

    Great Fountain

    The best way to absorb ink when writing with fountain pens, is certainly a ink blotter.

    Here is the travel ink blotter by Great Fountain (Italian company, despite its name): when closed, it's thick 6 mm. only, but when open it's a real ink blotter, practical and efficient. It's the solution for travelling with fountain pens!

    Open and closed ink blotter - Great Fountain

    Handcrafted in Italiy, from specially laser-cut wood to make it elastic and bendable; very quick and easy to assemble and practical to use.

    Travel ink blotter with blotting paper

    The travel ink blotter is packed in a cardboard sleeve, and comes with one complimentary pre-cut strip of blotting paper.
    More strips can be purchased separately.


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    Description Color Version List Price €
    Travel ink blotter € 19.00
    Blotting paper strip for travel ink blotter € 2.00
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