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    desk set Wood or crystal desk sets


    Marlen's two models of desk sets.
    Crystal, with a transparent base which designs the red and white Marlen logo (diameter 14 cm.)
    Wood, with lacquered wood base


    Each set includes a fountain pen - cartridge filled - and 14 kt gold M nib, and a rollerball, available in plain black resin or in striped brown celluloid with blue accents with black cap and ends.

    deskset marlen pens

    The pointed bottom end, typical of desk sets, is unscrewable and can be exchanged with a normal end part (included); the pen may also be closed by a cap (included), then used and pocketed like any other pen.

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    Description Color Version List Price €
    Crystal desk set with fountain pen and roller 594.00€ 465.00
    Wood desk set with fountain pen and roller 594.00€ 465.00
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