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    Woodstock Woodstock numbered edition in limited quantity: each piece is different


    A leap back in time, to as far back as 1969, when freedom, peace, love and sharing found their highest expression in the world-famous musical event in Woodstock, still replicated today for those who still want to feel like a 60s hippy.

    Visconti woodstock red-blue

    Made of acrylic resin in brilliant colours and mixed with a kaleidoscope effect, as was the custom in those years, Visconti's Woodstock fountain pens are a numbered but not limited edition; their number, however, is naturally limited, because these resins are special compounds that cannot be reproduced.

    Here are the colors still available:

    Yellow-blue (Peace & Love)
    Visconti Woodstock yellow-blue

    Orange (Orange sunshine)
    Woodstock orange

    Ivory white (White dove)
    Woodstock ivory white

    Black-red (Dark lava lamp)
    Visconti Woodstock black-red

    Red-blue (Lava lamp)
    Woodstock red-blue

    The central ring, palladium-plated, is engraved with the name Woodstock, with the O's replaced by the peace symbol.
    Screw cap closure.

    Piston filling of WoodstockNib: 14 Kt white gold, available as a EF, F, M, B, Stub.
    Filling system: piston, Power Filler.

    Length of the pen capped: mm. 143
    Diameter body: mm. 14,8
    Weight: g. 41


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