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    Roma Special Edition, honouring Rom, in red resin and sterling silver


    Following Venezia, Firenze and Torino, Aurora celebrates Roma, Italian capital city, with a new Special Edition made in red resin.

    Roma stilografica
    Aurora Roma roller
    Aurora Roma penna a sfera

    Pens are made in red resin; the cap is covered by a sterling silver overlay that represents the most important monuments of the city:

    particolare Roma AuroraRoma Aurorathe Colosseum, the largest amphitheatre of the Roman empire still built (50/80.000 spectators); its arches are engraved also on the central ring, with the ROMA word and the Capitoline Wolf (the legend tells of a she-wolf who rescued and feeded the baby-twins Romolo and Remo, founders of Rome);

    Aurora Roma partoicolareA Roman centurion with his sword, and the Rome's coat of arms with the famous acronym S.P.Q.R (in Latin means: the Senate and people of Rome);

    the Mouth of Truth, that became famous in the "Roman Holidays" movie, with an unforgettable Audrey Hepburn;

    the famous Spanish Steps with the Trinità dei Monti church.

    The silver ring at the cap top, where the clip inserts, is decorated with a line of coat-of-arms, of the same model of the Roma city's emblem.

    The fountain pen has been produced also with the cap overlay in rose vermeil (sterling silver with rose gold plating)

    Aurora Roma vermeil

    Piston filling system, with ink window.
    18 Kt gold nib, EF, F, M, B.

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    Description Color Version List Price €
    Roma fountain pen with silver decoration 1280.00€ 975.00
    Roma roller with silver decoration roller950.00€ 740.00
    Roma ballpen with silver decoration ball pen780.00€ 600.00
    Roma fountain pen with rose vermeil decoration 1600.00€ 1230.00
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    gift packaging
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    Laminated blotting papers - cm.6x11 -
    € 9.90

    refills 280 for roller - 12 pieces box

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