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    Dedalo Dal personaggio di Dedalo e del suo labirinto, Aurora ha preso l'ispirazione per la penna Dedalo

    DEDALO Limited

    Labirinto Limited
    Edizione Limitata
    555 stilografiche
    555 roller
    555 penne a sfera
    The Aurora Dedalo pen is a limited edition based on the Talentum model, inspired by the mythological character Daedalus, architect and inventor, builder of the legendary Minotaur's labyrinth in Crete.
    Locked in his own labyrinth by King Minos, Daedalus built wings out of bird feathers and wax to escape, for himself and his son Icarus, who flew too high close to the sun, heated the wax and fell into the sea, while Daedalus managed to escape and reach Sicily.

    Aurora has revived the ancient Minoan decorations, and the designs that reproduced the labyrinth of Minos, to create an exclusive decoration that runs all over the cap of the Dedalo pens.

    Aurora Dedalo blu
    Aurora Dedalo bianca

    Blue or white fountain pens, with metal caps - chromed or rosè gold plated - with special engraving of a geometric pattern reminiscent of the labyrinth in Crete.


    The Dedalo collection includes a fountain pen, a rollerball and a ballpen.

    Dedalo roller
    Dedalo ballpen

    Aurora Dedalo in your hand Large in size but practical and easy to handle, the Dedalo pen brings elegance to everyday writing.

    Nib: 14 Kt gold, available as EF, F, M, B, Stub.
    Filling system: cartridge/converter.

    Packaged in the classic black eco-leather box, with custom printed cardboard sleeve.
    Aurora Dedalo box



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    Dedalo fountain pen 470.00€ 370.00
    Dedalo fountain pen with special nib 598.00€ 443.00
    Dedalo roller roller370.00€ 288.00
    Dedalo ballpen ball pen270.00€ 210.00
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