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    foto A complete set for mixing fountain pen colors as quadrichromy rules


    Pineider is proud to introduce its new set to mix colors for fountain pens, that takes inspiration from the quadrichromy printing system (CMYK: cyan blue, magent red, yellow and black).

    Varying the amount of the 3 primary colours, you can obtain almost any shades of colours; the black serves the purpose of darkening them, and the 5th bottle is a special transparent ink that lighten them.

    Ink Alchemy

    Packaging The package includes:

    - 5 bottles of 50 ml of colors Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black and Transparent, equipped with dropper;

    - 5 empty bottles to mix and keep the created color;

    - 1 Pen Filler;

    - 1 Snorkel;

    - Booklet of instructions;

    - Set of cards to archive the formulations of colors you created.

    Istruzioni Ink Alchemy


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