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    Prima From Forever collection, Prima writes with no ink and no refill

    Pininfarina Segno

    Length 18 cm
    Diameter 1 cm
    Weight 39 gr

    Prima is the writing instruments that doesn't need ink, refills or graphite leads.
    With a precise mark like a pencil and an exclusive and elegant design, PRIMA is a writing instrument that writes with no ink and no refill. Completely hand made in Italy, designed by Sergio Mori designer.
    In 2012, a Prima prototype pen got a special mention at Grandesign Etico, an award dedicated to innovation and ethics in design projects.
    Ethergraf® tip

    The ETHERGRAF® tip microscopically "scratches" paper
    oxidizing it and leaving a light but indelible stretch.
    Due to its porosity, the common paper - that is
    the cellulose not trated paper (formed by
    vegetable fibers bonded through a process
    that is called "felting")-
    is in fact a material which perfectly reacts to the
    passage of the metal tip.

    The Forever Stylus are "graph engravers”, composed by an aluminum stem and by an ETHERGRAF® toe, specially forged by a group of goldsmiths that melt the metal alloy block and follow its machining processes shaping up the various models up to polishing and finishing.
    The tip is assembled to the stem only afterwards, making each piece unique.

    Single body in anodized aluminium, available in 6 colors:

    Pininfarina Forever Prima titanio

    Pininfarina Forever Prima  argento

    Pininfarina Forever Prima Oro

    Pininfarina Forever Prima Rame

    Pininfarina Forever Prima Ruggine

    Pininfarina Forever Prima Bronzo
    Pininfarina Forever Prima Red

    Prima box

    Prima comes in a nice original black cardboard package of cylindrical shape, that vertically holds the pen like a modern desk penholder.

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    Prima Forever - anodized aluminium pen € 41.00
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