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    Venezia 1600 1600th anniversary of Venice's foundation, celebrated by Marlen with an evocative collection

    VENEZIA 1600 Limited

    Limited edition
    421 silver fountain pens
    421 vermeil fountain pens
    421 silver roller
    421 vermeil roller

    According to tradition, 421 is the year of the founding of the city of Venice: the city built on water and on the 25-metre wooden poles, planted in the unstable soil of the lagoon, hardened by saline mud, on which the entire city was built.
    The official logo of the event is the number 1600, where the 1 is the column with the winged lion in San Marco Square, and the other figures draw the domes of the Basilica of San Marco and are decorated with the openings on the facade of the Palazzo Ducale.
    Marlen celebrates the 1600th anniversary with an extraordinarily evocative collection of fountain pens and rollerballs.

    Marlen Venezia 1600 fountain pens

    The cap of the Marlen Venezia 1600 pens is made of wood with sterling silver (or vermeil, depending on the model) and pearly red Italian resin.

    The barrel is made with pearly red Italian resin and a large sterling silver (or vermeil) band, depicting in high/low relief a part of the facade of Palazzo Ducale in San Marco square.
    The last silver ring, enclosed between two black casein rings, bears the engraving 'Anno Domini CDXXI-MMXXI' to celebrate the 1600th anniversary of the foundation of the city (421-2021).

    The clip, in the shape of the famous gondolas' rostrum, is made of sterling silver or vermeil.

    cap top and bottomAt the cap top, a solid silver (or vermeil) disc displays the official seal of the 1600th anniversary celebration of Venice.
    The decorative texture around recalls the decoration of the Ducal Palace.

    On the bottom, instead, there is a coin (in solid silver or vermeil), engraved with a bas-relief of the winged lion of San Marco, wellknown symbol of the Republic of Venice.

    Marlen Venezia 1600 vermeil
    Marlen Venezia 1600 silver
    Marlen Venezia roller silver

    the nibPiston filling system.
    18Kt gold nib: bicolor for the silver pen, yellow gold for the vermeil pen, decorated with the winged lion of San Marco.
    Roller with removable cap.

    Marlen Venezia boxThe Marlen Venezia 1600 pens come in a luxurious wooden case with a commemorative plaque.
    With the fountain pen, there is also a complimentary bottle of Marlen ink.



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    Venezia 1600 - silver fountain pen € 2460.00
    Venezia 1600 - silver rollerball roller€ 2210.00
    Venezia 1600 - vermeil fountain pen € 2620.00
    Venezia 1600 - vermeil roller roller€ 2370.00
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