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    Resin Walking Sticks by Biancardi International Resin knobs, decorated with stone effects - black beech sticks


    Sticks for Walking and Interior decoration. Resin knobs, decorated with stone effects.
    black beech sticks, Ø mm. 20

    Mylord green malachiteMylord blue lapisIvory sphereRed cornelian resingreen oxiz stickSphere billiard N.8

    From left to right:
    Mylord model, with resin handles, malachite green effect and lapislazuli blue effect;
    Sphere model, with resin knobs in ivory white, cornelian red, onux green resin; plus the no. 8 that features a larger cane (ø mm. 22)


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    Description Color Version List Price €
    Mylord walking stick with green resin knob - malachite effect Sold out
    Mylord walking stick with blue resin knob - lapis effect Sold out
    Walking stick with white resin knob - ivory effect Sold out
    Walking stick with red resin knob - cornelian effect Sold out
    walking stick with billiard ball knob 73.00€ 46.00
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