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    Caleidoscopio Inspired by the magic of the kaleidoscope and its bright and vivid colours


    Limited Edition
    860 fountain pens
    380 ballpens
    each color

    The kaleidoscope is an optical instrument composed of a cylinder containing two or more mirrors arranged at an angle, with small fragments of coloured glass or other coloured objects arranged in random: the multiple reflections form often symmetrical images that change unpredictably and extremely variably with each movement.

    Caleidoscopio Luce Blu, Caleidoscopio Luce Rosa, Caleidoscopio Luce Gialla: three versions of the same collection inspired by Debus' kaleidoscope, which allowed to change the position of the mirrors inside the cylinder.
    Caleidoscopio Luce blu
    Caleidoscopio Luce Rosa

    Caleidoscopio gialla

    Body and cap in mottled blue/purple or pink/pale grey-blue, or yellow-orange auroloid. Handle in the same auroloid as the barrel.
    Ink inspection window.
    Chrome-plated finish for the blue and the pink version; rose golden finish for the yellow one.
    New central ring, with black lacquered lines.

    Caleidoscopio blue fountain pen
    Caleidoscopio Ballpen Blue

    Caleidoscopio pink fountain pen
    Caleidoscopio pink balpen

    Aurora Caleidoscopio Luce Gialla
    Caleidoscopio Luce Gialla

    Nib: 18 Kt gold (white gold for the first two pens, rose gold for the yellow one), available as EF, F, M, B, Stub.
    Filling system: piston.

    Caleidoscopio - box

    The collection includes fountain pen and ballpen.

    Each pen is packaged in an elegant black lacquered wooden case, lined in black to enhance the brilliance of the pen, with personalised outer sleeve.

    Available on request

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    Caleidoscopio - fountain pen 695.00€ 540.00
    Caleidoscopio - ballpen ball pen€ 318.00
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    gift packaging
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