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    Piuma Ethergraf tip that writes with no ink and no refill, forever!

    Pininfarina segno

    Piuma is born from a reflection on the Leonardo da Vinci's treatise about birds' flight, left unfinished in the early years of XVI century.

    Piuma is a writing instrument entirely made with evaporated pear wood, with a dynamic shape that reminds the goose feather's shape and the studies on flight.
    Piuma Pininfarina Segno

    The ETHERGRAF® tip microscopically "scratches" paper, oxidizing it
    and leaving a light but indelible stretch.
    The common paper - that is the cellulose not trated paper
    (formed by vegetable fibers bonded through a process that
    is called "felting") - due to its porosity, is in fact a material
    which perfectly reacts to the passage of the metal tip.

    The tip is Etergraf®: its seems a ballpen, but it isn't. It's not even a pencil, nor a fountain pen. It writes forever, without any ink or refil or lead, with a neat and light line; re-inventing the sixteenth-century oxidation technique used by Leonardo da Vinci in his drawings.

    Piuma rests in perfect equilibrium on a mirrorred steel pedestal that supports it and let us read the Leonardo's signature, engraved on the back side of the pen, in a mirrored way.
    Piuma con base in acciaio specchiato


    The Piuma pen comes in a nice, simple but elegant box in white cardboard that includes the pen and its pedestal.

    The Piuma pen is produced for a limited period of time, 2019 only, being the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci.


    Piuma - Leonardo Set

    The Leonardo Set was made to celebrate the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci's death. It includes a Piuma pen without its pedestal, a booklet about Leonardo da Vinci, and a stone-paper note.
    Dimensions: cm. 22,5 x 20 Set Piuma Leonardo
    Pininfarina Segno - Piuma Set Leonardo

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