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    Honouring the Papui New Guinea Mudmen, with mud and skin colors

    PAPUASI Limited
    Indigenous People

    Limited Edition
    Limited Edition
    975 pieces each model


    Papuasi is an umbrella term for the various indigenous peoples of New Guinea.
    The Asaro Mudmen have been living in Papua New Guinea for more than a thousand years, but they were discovered only in 1980.
    They used to cover their bodies with white mud for seeming spirits and scaring the enemies; but, because legends said that the mud from the Asaro river was poisonous, they used masks for their faces, covered with mud, decorating them with horns, huge eyes, or sideways mouths.

    The Papuasi pen - Indigenous People

    Made in 2015 with white-grey-beige resin (like the dry mud), with black and brown veins (like the dark skin of Papuasi people).
    The two red and black colored rings on the cap represent the Papua New Guinea flag.

    After the recent reopening, Delta found a number of Papuases, both gold-plated and rhodium-plated, which it reassembled and overhauled, equipping them with a new nib.

    clawspenninoThe pen was originally featuring a customised Fusion nib, which is no longer available.

    Therefore, a Bock-branded 18Kt gold Delta nib will be mounted; yet decorated with the same original design, which represented the bamboo claws used by the Mudmen in their ceremonies.

    The new 18Kt nib is available as รจ disponibile a punta EEF, EF, F, M, B, Stub 1.1, and even OM and OBB.

    The 1KS version features gold plated trims and push button filling system;

    Papuasi 1KS

    the 1K version has rhodium trims and cartridge/converter filling:

    Papuasi 1K
    Papuasi closed

    Indigenous People
    Nativi Americani,
    Kanaka Maoli
    Bri Bri

    The clip recalls the bamboo, from which native people built houses, weapons, and decorations.

    The cap's central ring, rhodium plated or gold plated depending on the model, is decorated with other masks and horns used as terrifying decorations.

    The Delta NOS Indigenous People Papuasi is packed in a standard box - the original personalized boxes have never been found.
    List prices are updated from 8 years ago, including the change of nib (from Fusion to 18Kt gold).


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    Papuasi NOS 1KS fountain pen - golden trim - Special Offer 740.00€ 410.00
    Papuasi NOS 1K fountain pen - rhodium trim - Special Offer 650.00€ 359.00
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