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    The Rembrandt range in 5 colours - apparently plain, that reveal at a closer look chiaroscuro nuances which render unique every single pen, such as Rembrandt's chiaroscuro technique rendered unique his artworks.

    Rembrantd closedBlue
    Rembrandt black fountain pen Black
    Rembrandt red fountain pen Red
    Rembrandt ivoryroller Ivory
    Rembrant ballpen

    The series includes fountain pen, roller and ballpen.
    The fountain pen features a steel nib, and cartridge/converter filling system. (not included)

    Its clip presents a new mechanism, completely restyled and indestructible, made of two parts only beside the spring.

    The Rembrandt series features the magnetic lock, simple and efficient at the same time. In this case not only has Visconti optimized the necessary opening effort but has also conceived the system with a view to render the closing easier as well. The closure results best for everyone, even for those particularly distracted, allowing to avoid in this manner accidents such as those typical of the twist closing

    The entire collection can be personalized using the well-known Visconti patent - My Pen System - with the instant application of the initials or the semi-precious stone preferred by the fortunate future owner of our Rembrandt pen.

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    Description Color Version List Price €
    Rembrandt fountain pen € 147.00
    Rembrandt roller roller€ 140.00
    Rembrandt ballpen ball pen€ 133.00
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    converter - push
    € 6.50

    personalization with MyPenSystem - the 2 initials
    € 8.50

    Personalization with Visconti MyPenSystem cabochon gem

    € 10.00

    Refills VA40 for roller - ceramic - 10 pieces

    € 41.00
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