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    Marlen Egizia Inspired to one of the most ancient and fascinating civilizations

    EGIZIA Limited Edition

    Egizia geroglificoHot desert, majestic pyramids, enigmatic Sphinks; these 5 Marlen's Limited Editions tell the hearth's and monuments' colours, and give raise to strong emotions, like the elements which they're inspired to.
    Egizia pens are devoted to those who feel the arcane fascination of the ancient Egypt and want to own an original and technically perfect writing instrument.

    Egizia Stilografica
    Egizia Stilografica

    Egizia DecoroEgizia ClipEgizia pens are realized in Italian multicoloured layered resin, carefully hand glued and hand refined, one by one, with silver or gold trims.

    The cap ring is decorated with geometrical designs and pyramids, also depicted in the clip.

    Egizia Decoro

    The large central band, decorated at relief with Sphinks' head, takes also the filling key for the models which are lateral compression filled.
    All the others are piston filled.

    Limited Edition
    Limited Edition
    688 piston silver fountain pens
    588 key silver fountain pen
    488 silver roller
    18 piston gold fountain pens
    8 key gold fountain pens


    Egizia Chiavi

    The silver finished pens have a rhodiated 14 Kt gold nib, while the gold finished pens have a 18 Kt gold nib, in EF - F - M - B - BB.

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    Description Color Version List Price €
    Egizia silver - key fountain pen 1350.00€ 1050.00
    Egizia silver - piston fountain pen 1150.00€ 878.00
    Egizia gold - key fountain pen Sold out
    Egizia gold - piston fountain pen Sold out
    Egizia silver - roller roller870.00€ 678.00
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    Ivory paper cm 21x30 - sealing wax package 10 +10
    € 15.00

    refills 5888 for roller - 2 pieces box
    black € 7.50
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