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    Faber-Castell is an internationally operating group of companies with German roots. Founded in 1761, it's producing in 14 factories world-wide and is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and sellers of high-quality products for writing, colouring, and creative design.
    It is now headed by Count Anton Wolfgang von Faber-Castell, the 8th generation of his family to do so.

    Graf von Faber CastellThe "Graf von Faber-Castell" Collection embodies "Luxury in Simplicity" by combining selected materials, functionality and superb aesthetics.

    Giardino Italiano is authorized dealer

    Faber-Castell- 2015Limited

    Pen of the Year 2015 - Sanssouci, platinum and green serpentinite pens, piston filled

    Faber-Castell- 2014Limited

    Pen of the Year 2014 - platinum and jasper pens, piston filled

    Faber-Castell- Other Pencils

    Other Pencils
    Precious pencils in special packaging

    Faber-Castell- E-motion Rhombus

    E-motion Rhombus
    Guilloche engraved white resin fountain pens, ballpens, pencils and roller.

    Faber-Castell- E-motion Wood

    E-motion Wood
    Pearwood and chromed metal in fountain pens, ballpens, pencils and roller.

    Faber-Castell- PERFECT PENCIL

    pencil extender with integrated sharpener

    Faber-Castell- 2009Limited

    Pen of the Year 2009 - Fountain pen in platinum and horsehair, piston filled

    Faber-Castell- 2008Limited

    Pen of the Year 2008 - Fountain pen in platinum and satin wood, piston filled

    Faber-Castell- Classic

    Fountain pens in Pernambuco, Ebony and Grenadilla woods and platinum.

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