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    Classic Precious woods and platinum, in fountain pen version, roller and ballpen

    Graf von Faber-Castell

    Over time,
    the wood surface
    means every pen
    personally unique.

    The unusual combinations of wood and fine metals bestow a special position in the market upon the Graf von Faber-Castell Classic Line fountain pens.

    The natural variations in grain and colouring mean that every writing implement made from them is unique.

    Lightness and function

    Graf von Faber-Castell Classic writing instruments are ideal travelling companion, being unusually sporty and easy to get on with.

    Precious woods: Pernambuco, Ebony, Grenadilla

    Classic Pernambuco
    The pens of Classic collection are made with reddish brown Pernambuco, which is normally used for violin bows,
    Classic Ebano
    in the very dark Ebony,
    Classic Grenadilla
    and in Grenadilla wood, dark greysh brown; both them are extremely hard and durable, and correspendingly difficult to work.

    The Classic pens

    The Graf von Faber-Castell fountain pens features a modern converter filling system , that means it can be filled from an ink well, but also permits safe filling with cartridges, when travelling for example; and 18 Kt gold, handmade, bicolour nib.

    The elaborate multi-part clip holds it safely even after years of use.
    For each fountain pen there is a matching rollerball, ballpoint and propelling pencil.

    Classic ballpen

    Platinum is a bright
    pure white metal,
    more precious
    than gold,
    with resistant surface,
    and unreactive.

    The Classic Anello pens

    Anello detailThe new Anello Classic Collection seduces from the first glance, for its precious contrasting materials.
    The pens have ebony barrels into which platinum filigree rings have been incorporated.

    Not only refined contrast, but also perfect tactile combination: the transitions between the ebony segments and the delicate precious metal rings are barely perceptible

    Anello Classic fountain pen
    Anello closed
    Same features as the Classic collection: the fountain pen is cartridge/converter filled, 18 kt gold nib, platinum plated rings and trims, rotating ballpen, spring clip.

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