Il meglio del Made in Italy
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    Pininfarina Segno


    There are objects that tell a story. Creations born from the hands of skilled craftsmen, unique pieces that are the result of an innovative idea , tools that adopt a technology and transform it into a work of art .Forever
    Like the Forever Made in Italy stilos: little masterpieces designed and manufactured in Italy by Pininfarina Segno (ex-Napkin), fated to leave an everlasting sign.
    Or the design desk accessories, with elegant and mysterious character.

    Tooling and other processes are manually made by master craftsmen, guaranteeing quality and care of detail that, in Italy, makes art and craft a single thing.

    Giardino Italiano is authorized dealer of Pininfarina Segno - Signature srl


    Pininfarina Segno
    A refined and elegant coffer that evokes the mystery of Leonardo‘s inventions

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