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    foto Amazing Cross Wanderlust pens: colorful lacquer and metal relief lines


    Wanderlust (= the overwhelming passion for travel)
    A collection of pens inspired by the wonders of our planet, in 4 different colours and decorations, to evoke fiery canyons or lush rainforests, crystal clear seas and icy mountains.

    MaltaAntelope CanyonBorneo Monte Everest

    Medium size pen, slender and elegant, with these very rich decorations, made of swirling patterns and layers of coloured lacquer, separated by gold or chrome metal engraving.

    The BLUE pen is inspired by the colours of Malta, a small island in the southern Mediterranean Sea, with its golden rocks reflected in the sea
    Cross Wanderlust Malta
    Cross Wanderlust Malta roller
    Cross Wanderlust malta ballpen

    The RED one reproduces the rocks of the Antelope Canyon in Arizona, sculpted by water and wind over millions of years, to form very deep, winding channels.

    Cross Wanderlust Antelope fountain pen
    Cross Wanderlust Antelope roller
    Cross Wanderlust Antelope ballpen

    The GREEN one represents the lush vegetation of Borneo, an equatorial island in Southeast Asia, characterized by rich rainforests.

    Cross Wanderlust Broneo fountain pen
    Cross Wanderlust Broneo ballpen
    Cross Wanderlust Borneo

    The BLACK one is inspired by Mount Everest, (8848m) in the Himalayas; marked by black and white between eternal ice and dark rocks.
    In this version the clip, the metal trim and the nib are in black PVD.

    Cross Wanderlust Everest fountain pen
    Cross Wanderlust Everest ballpen

    The fountain pen features a steel nib available as F or M, and cartridge/converter filling system (converter not included)

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