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    nib of Optima Flex A new series with ultraflexible nib, one color each month, all 2018 long

    OPTIMA FLEX Limited

    Limited Edition
    330 pens each color

    The Optima series is one of Aurora's bestsellers, due to its classic size and the charming design of the pens of '30s, with their truncated cylindrical shape that characterized the history of the Turin's company.

    The Optima Flex is a limited edition of only 330 pens of 8 different colors, all new and modern, that will be launched - one per month - all 2018 long.

    Cap and body are made with colored resin, trims are chromed, and the pen features a special super-flexible nib, made with 14 kt gold, one size (F/M) that will let you experience the unbeated flexibility of the vintage pens' nibs - in a brand new edition!
    pennino FlexWhile not strictly being a calligraphic nib, it allows everyone to vary the stroke size with the same instrument and with extraordinary semplicity, just by applying a different pressure when writing.

    Piston filling system, with transparent window to inspect the ink level.

    One color each month

    Juanuary is blue
    Optima Flex Blu

    February is light blue
    Optima Flex light blue

    March is grey
    OptimaFlex grey

    April is green
    Optima Flex verde

    May is yellow
    Optima Flex - yellow

    July is violet
    Optima Flex Viola

    August is red
    Optima Flex Red

    fascetta cebtraleThe clip of the pen is considered a "jewel", forged from flexible metal alloy sheets. Its shape is molded and finally galvanized with the desired finishing.

    The cap's band is made with polished steel, decorated at its edges with geometrical greeks frets. The central part is line-drawing engraved, so thin that it seems satin, enhancing the polished Aurora logo.

    The Optima Flex seemed to be all sold out... instead, just a few pieces are still available, of every color.

    2018 releases:
    is blue
    is light blue
    March is gray
    April is green
    May is yellow
    June is orange
    July is violet
    August is red

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