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    Navona necklace with natural stones Long chocker necklace with natural gems and Majorca pearls

    Forma e Colore

    Beautiful necklaces, made entirely by hand from Majorca pearls of various sizes (diameter 7, 11, 13 mm) and natural semi-precious stones (tourmaline, cornelian, agate, amethyst).

    In the following photo we see the necklace with natural green agate stones: irregularly shaped gems alternating with very white and shiny pearls.

    Collana con perle e agata verde

    Also available as amethyst, cornelian and tourmaline versions.

    amethysts necklace cornelian necklace tourmaline necklace

    Violet: with irregular natural amethyst stones, in shades from wisteria to dark purple:
    Pearls and violet amethysts necklace

    Red: with cornelian stones, in shades of dark red, amber red, wine red:
    Pearls and red cornelians necklaces

    Black: with black and highly polished tourmaline stones, for a beautiful black&white effect:
    Pearls and black tourmalines necklace

    Also available
    in pearls-only version
    Navona pearl necklace

    The natural hemp thread (100% Italian) is extremely durable, soft and flexible. The closure on the back is embellished with a pearl.
    Total length approx. 50 cm.


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