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    Visconti pensThe Visconti pens have been for the past thirty years a synonym for writing instruments of extraordinary beauty, historically and technologically studied. The fountain pens, rollers and ballpoint pens by Visconti make up a wide range of high quality instruments with a strong identification.
    Located in a 15th century villa, Visconti keeps being stirred by intellectual flurry, the study of ancient models and of modern techniques in a constant dialogue and exchange of innovative ideas.

    Visconti pens were selected for history-making events, as signing the NATO-Russia Summit on 2002, and as a present for the twenty-five signatories of the European Constitution in 2005.

    Giardino Italiano is authorized dealer of Visconti pens

    Visconti- Giardino EdenLimited

    Giardino Eden
    The exclusive pen for celebrating Giardino Italiano‘s 20th Anniversary of e-commerce

    Visconti- Woodstock

    Fountain pen made of colorful resins, from special blends in limited quantity

    Visconti- Divina Matte

    Divina Matte
    A new contemporary look for the Visconti Divina all black in Matte version.

    Visconti- Homo Sapiens Dual Touch

    Homo Sapiens Dual Touch
    Homo Sapiens series pens, with leather-covered barrel.

    Visconti- QwertyLimited

    Black and aged silver to celebrate the old typewriters

    Visconti- Il Magnifico Black MarbleLimited

    Il Magnifico Black Marble
    Faceted pen made with veined black Portoro marble and bronze, decorated with Florentine lilies

    Visconti- Homo Sapiens Demo Stones

    Homo Sapiens Demo Stones
    A Visconti Homo Sapiens of traslucent resin, in 3 colors of precious gems

    Visconti- Homo Sapiens Lava Color

    Homo Sapiens Lava Color
    A new Homo Sapiens made with a new material, a mix of volcano lava and colored resin

    Visconti- PolynesiaLimited

    From Opera Master series, a Demonstrator with veins that draw Polynesian atolls

    Visconti- IoPenna

    A new pen, designed by Gaetano Pesce, made with soft, flexible, translucent resin

    Visconti- Il Magnifico LapislazzuliLimited

    Il Magnifico Lapislazzuli
    Faceted pen made with lapis blue marble and vermeil, decorated with Florentine lilies

    Visconti- AsiaLimited

    Founatin pens made with ringed and black celluloid and sterling silver rings

    Visconti- Il Magnifico SerpentineLimited

    Il Magnifico Serpentine
    Faceted pen made with green Serpentine marble and sterling aged silver, decorated with Florentine lilies

    Visconti- Midnight in FlorenceLimited

    Midnight in Florence
    Homo Sapiens, demo version, in the Florence-by-night colors

    Visconti- PortofinoLimited

    Stainless steel and teak wood, to celebrate sailing

    Visconti- Casa BatlloLimited

    Casa Batllo
    Limited Edition that represents the Gaudi‘s work with silver, resin and enamels

    Visconti- Watermark DemoLimited

    Watermark Demo
    Transparent resin and cut-out sterling silver filigree with several finishings - double reservoir

    Visconti- Rembrandt

    Colored resin pens - New colors!

    Visconti- Divina Elegance

    Divina Elegance
    Pearly resin and silver, spiral movement in shape, with divine proportion numbers

    Visconti- Van Gogh

    Van Gogh
    New edition of the legendary Van Gogh, with a new model and colors

    Visconti- Homo Sapiens

    Homo Sapiens
    Lava from the Etna volcano and bronze or steel and 18 Kt rose gold nib


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