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    Wild Arctic A passion for nature's wild, in collaboration with Uri and Helle Løvevild Golmann

    WILD ARCTIC Limited

    Limited Edition
    999 pcs each model

    Project Wild and Montegrappa now venture into the Arctic, a place where contrasting seasons make the survival of wildlife hard and difficult, and the weather offers extreme scenarios, as different as day and night, in a region increasingly threatened by climate change.

    Wild Artic Montegrappa

    The Montegrappa's Wild Arctic pen is made with "Montegrappite" (an artisanal resin formulated exclusively for Montegrappa), turned from solid bars, in contrasting colours that evoke icy landscapes and long nights, with dazzling shades of blue.

    Wild Arctic closed
    Montegrappa Wild Arctic
    Wild Arctic roller
    Wild Arctic ballpen

    The very special clip reproduces a feather of the Snowy Owl, a basic element of all Wild editions. It symbolises the fragility of nature and Helle and Uri's constant efforts to preserve it; it's also a full-length tattoo on Uri's forearm.

    Nib: 18 kt gold nib, available as EF, F, M, B, BB, Stub 1.1.
    Filling system: cartridge/converter

    Montegrappa Wild ArcticBox Montegrappa Wild ArcticDimensions of the fountain pen:
    Length closed: mm. 139
    Diameter: mm. 16,7
    Weight: gr. 49

    The Wild Arctic pen is packaged in a personalized box, which includes some of the most famous wildlife photographs of Uri and Helle Løvevild Golman, printed in high quality and combined with memories and reflections of the couple.

    Uri e Helle Lovevild GolmanUri and Helle Løvevild Golman are award-winning National Geographic explorers and photographers who founded the Wild Nature Foundation, a non-profit organization created to support the fight to rescue virgin habitats. The motto of the Foundation is: What you love, you will protect.
    In 2017 Uri Løvevild Golman was attacked by a terrorist in an open-air market in Gabon and survived thanks to the help of his wife, but was injured enough to remain in a coma for several months.
    Since then, he is continuing a rehabilitation that is slowly leading him to return to use his legs.

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    Wild Arctic - fountain pen € 820.00
    Wild Arctic - roller roller€ 620.00
    Wild Arctic - ballpen ball pen€ 405.00
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