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    DUNE Translucent and variegated resin, piston filled pen.
    Also limited, in lapis celluloid.


    This new Dune is a regular sized pen, that fits well all hands.
    Made with translucent resin, even almost transparent somewhere, with veins of contrasting colour or tone-on-tone that wrap around the body and cap in designs that are always different from one pen to the next

    Filling system: piston, with ink window.
    Nib: steel, EF, F, M, B, Stub 1.1, plus two flex nibs: Flex F and Flex EF

    Many different colors; each one has its own name, but to select them we identify them by their colour:

    OASIS (turquoise): all shades of blue and turquoise, with hints of grey.
    Gold trim and semi-transparent turquoise window.
    Delta Dune stilografica Oasis

    REFLEX (gray): semi-transparent grey with blue and blue/black veins.
    Palladium finish and turquoise inspection window.
    Delta Dune stilografica Reflex

    MIRAGE (red): cherry red to crimson, with light and dark purple veins.
    Palladium finish, transparent window. Delta Dune Mirage

    HORIZON (green): military green, semi-transparent, with grey and blue veins.
    Golden finishes, contrasting orange window. Delta Dune Horizon penna stilografica

    BLACK (black): deep black, shiny, always elegant.
    Rose gold finishes and transparent window.Delta Dune Black

    Limited Edition Lapis Blue Limited

    The Delta Dune fountain pen has been produced also as limited edition, with beautiful blue celluloid, dotted and variegated with a lapis lazuli effect, in only 288 pieces.
    It stands out from the regular version of Dune for its wide central band, decorated with a geometric Greek fret. It has been made in two different versions: with gold-plated or ruthenium-plated finishes.

    Delta Dune edizione limitata
    Delta Dune edizione limitata
    Filling system: piston, with ink window.
    Nib: 14Kt gold nib, EF, F, M, B, Stub 1.1, plus two flex nibs: Flex F and Flex EF

    The Limited Edition Lapis Blue Dune fountain pen comes in a beautiful box with a free ink bottle.

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