GIULIO CESARE The Aurora's homage to the greatest Roman general


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919 stilografiche
919 roller

Giulio CesareGaius Julius Caesar (101 A.C. - 44 A.C.) was a Roman general, consul, statesman, dictator and author, one of the most important and influent characters of the history.

With the conquest of the Gallia (France), he extended the Roman domination up to the Atlantic Ocean, bringing the Roman army to invade Britain and Germany, fighting also in Spain, Greece, Egypt and Africa.
He was murdered by a group of senators that opposed his politic.

Gaius Julius Caesar - the pen

Following pens dedicated to Leonardo Da Vinci, Dante Alighieri and Giuseppe Verdi - to cite just a few- Aurora dedicates its new collection to Julius Caesar, with a series of pens made with marble auroloid in white and grey tones, with sterling silver finishing.

Giulio Cesare stilografica
Giulio Cesare roller

Their carefully decorated rings have been darkened and aged, and details stand out much more.
The cap's central ring in engraved with a chariot, the war vehicle towed by galloping horses
The barrel's ending ring reproduces the laurel wreath, symbol of power and victory.
The cap's top ring that holds the clip carries the latin name Gaius Julius Caesar, in roman font.
On the bottom, there is one of the most famous Caesar's motto: Veni Vidi Vici (I came, I saw, I won).

particolare anello anellino fusto particolare cappuccio

boxPiston filling system.
18 Kt white gold nib, EF, F, M, B.

The pen is packed in an elegant silver box, black lined, with a personalized cardboard box.
The fountain pen comes with a free ink bottle.

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