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    foto Tibaldi N°60 ha forme lineari e sobrie ed è realizzata in 5 colori di resina


    Regular sized pen, classic lines, all made in Italy; made in marbled resin with palladium finish.

    Tibaldi N60 blue and hazelfountain pen

    4 charming and precious colors, plus the classic plain black: a blue/hazel (Samarkand) classy and delicate, an intense orange so strong when close to the black, a passionate ruby red, an emerald green with lights and shadows, and finally the timeless black.

    Tibaldi N60 orange fountain pen
    Tibaldi N60 ruby red
    N60 emeral green fountain pen
    Tibaldi N60 black
    Filling system is cartridge/converter (included).
    Steel nib available as EF, F, M, B, BB.
    Ebonite feeder.
    At both top and bottom ofcaa and barrel, a conic point finishes the line with the same material of the pen.

    The N°60 collection includes fountain pen, capped roller, and ballpen with totating mechanism.

    Roller Tibaldi N 60
    Tibaldi N60 ballpen

    Available in 3-4 days.

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    N60 fountain pen - Special Offer black200.00€ 132.00
    N60 capped roller rollerSold out
    N60 ballpen ball penSold out
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