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    Extra Verses The Extra 1930 series in a new version, limited edition

    EXTRA VERSES Limited

    Limited Edition
    250 fountain pens
    100 rollers

    The Montegrappa's flagship pen was produced in a very limited edition to celebrate the mottos of the Latin philosophers.
    Entirely handcrafted in Italy, with artisanal resin "Montegrappite", carefully carved; in a new color, rich in natural veins with burgundy shades, called Vinum Atrum (red wine, in Latin), to symbolize the leading role of centuries-old wisdom.

    Extra Verses by Montegrappa

    Sterling silver trims.
    The central band of the cap is engraved with famous Latin verses from teh minds of Horace, Cicero and Seneca: from Carpe Diem (seize the day) to Vivere est cogitare (to live is to think), or to Historia magistra vitae (history is the teacher of live - this one so often forgotten by modern people).
    Giant nib, bicolor 18 Kt gold, personalized, EF, F, M, B.
    Piston filling system.

    Montegrappa Extra Verses closed
    Montegrappa Extra Verses fountain pen
    Montegrappa Extra Verses roller

    The Extra Verses collection has been made in fountain pen and roller.

    Length, closed: mm. 138
    Diameter: mm. 16,5
    Weight: 40 g.

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    Extra Verses - L.E. fountain pen Medium€ 815.00
    Extra Verses - L.E. roller roller€ 495.00
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