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Marlen Mon Amour

cuoreLove is a mix of emotions and experiences related to a sense of strong affection or profound oneness. The meaning of love varies relative to context. Romantic, platonic, religious love, familial love, love for a soul or mind, love of laws and organizations, love for a body, for nature, love of food, of money, of power, love for learning, love of fame, for the respect of others, etc.

Marlen dedicates this Numbered Edition Mon Amour to lovers;
in fact it's realized in 2 versions "pour Homme" and "pour Femme" - for men and women - with special engravings or enamel ornaments representing the heart, symbol of love

Mon Amour Femme
Mon Amour Roller Femme
"Pour Femme" features a heart-shaped clip with red enamel, and also enamel hearts in the pen ring

Mon Amour Homme
Mon Amour Roller Homme

Mon Amour Decoro DonnaMon Amour Decoro Uomowhile the "pour Homme" version features a more serious clip and a clip without hearts, just with an engraved chain

Fountain pen and roller are made with polished black and pearly red and white resin, with silver finishing.
Piston filling system,

14 Kt gold nib.


large fountain pen, open: mm. 137
Pétite fountain pen, open: mm. 102

Mon Amour Pétite

Smaller size for the Pétite version, with the same "pour Homme" and "pour Femme" decorations, but the fountain pen is cartridge filled.
14 Kt. gold nib.

Mon Amour CofanettoOn request only: the new gorgeous packaging for Mon Amour pens may be this gorgeous heart shaped carillon-box, made in wood, lined with red velvet.
Opening the cover, the carillon starts with the Love Story melody.

This box can hold 2 pens maximum.

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Mon Amour Homme fountain pen    438 € 369.00
Mon Amour Femme fountain pen    438 € 369.00
Mon Amour Homme roller   roller 336 € 280.00
Mon Amour Femme roller   roller 336 € 280.00
Mon Amour Petite - Homme fountain pen    396 € 310.00
Mon Amour Petite - Femme fountain pen    396 € 310.00
Mon Amour Petite - Homme roller   roller 288 € 230.00
Mon Amour Petite - Femme roller   roller 288 € 230.00
Mon Amour - heart shaped carillon-box    120 € 89.00
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gift packaging
€ 2.00

refills 5888 for roller - 2 pieces box

€ 3.00
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