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The limited editions and special collections presented to date by Marlen have made its brand name a true collectable for everyone who loves writing with a handmade luxury and high quality pen.

All the pens are lifetime guaranteed, for production and material defects. The nib is not guaranteed, because it could be damaged by crash or uncorrect use. However, if your nib is defective, Marlen will repair it at no cost.

Giardino Italiano is authorized dealer of Marlen pens

Marlen- Ippocrate

Doctors pen with Asklepius rod in its clip and a portrait of Hippocrates in its silver and bronze band

Marlen- Aleph

Fountain pens with flex steel nib and transparent feeder

Marlen- Tosca

From Opera collection, Tosca is made in pearly white celluloid and black resin

Marlen- Aida

From Opera collection, Aida is made in pearly white celluloid, with or without zircons on the clip.

Marlen- Anni 50

Anni 50
A colorful and optimistic collection, to remind the decade of rebirth

Marlen- Psiche

Fountain pen, rollerball and ballpen in resin and sterling silver

Marlen- San PietroLimited

San Pietro
Sumptuous collection in celluloid, resin and sterling silver - two sizes of fountain pen, Prestige and Deluxe.

Marlen- ZeusLimited

Limited Edition in white celluloid and resin, piston filled, with 18 kt gold nib

Marlen- Penne d'Italia

Penne d'Italia
Three-colors pearly resin pens

Marlen- RisorgimentoLimited

Limited Edition made for the 150th Anniversary of the Unity of Italy

Marlen- BotticelliLimited

Limited Edition fountain pen, hand painted by Salimbeni

Marlen- Aliante

Resin and sterling silver, honouring the Italian Aeronautica Militare

Marlen- 7 WondersLimited

7 Wonders
Celluloid acetate and rhodium plated brass, Guillochč engraved. Fountain pen ballpoint SET

Marlen- Gens PompeiaLimited

Gens Pompeia
Resin and bronze with brass accents. Piston filled.

Marlen- Antica GreciaLimited

Antica Grecia
Resin and sterling silver, with bronze and brass accents. Piston filled.

Marlen- SundialLimited

Silver and resin, and a gnomon-clip that works as a sundial. Converter filled

Marlen- Trattati di Roma

Trattati di Roma
Blue resin and silver, with Europe symbols. Piston filled

Marlen- Peace

Resin, silver, enamel; with colored rainbow, symbol of peace. Piston filled

Marlen- Le Reve

Le Reve
Pens with a perfum bottle inside, for her or for him, pink or blue

Marlen- Mon Amour

Mon Amour
Silver, resin and love decorations. 14 Kt gold nib

Marlen- HTF Geneve Symbol

HTF Geneve Symbol
Sterling silver, beryllium and rings in resin and silver. 14 Kt gold nib.

Marlen- Palazzo RealeLimited

Palazzo Reale
Sterling silver with Caserta Palace facade etched, and celluloid

Marlen- EgiziaLimited

Silver, gold and multicolored resin, key or piston filled.

Marlen- ANTICA ATELLALimited

Silver, gold and multicolored resin, piston or key filled

Marlen- AstrologieLimited

Silver, gold and titanium with rotating barrel which indicates the astrological favor of planets and constellations.

Marlen- Cadran SolaireLimited

Cadran Solaire
in precious metals and celluloid - fountain pen and sundial

Marlen- Basilea

Black resin and red cellulose acetate details, with sterling silver trims

Marlen- AureusLimited

Lateral compression filling system, with coin accessory, in celluloid with bronze or silver finishing.

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