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    Maiora Hippocratica Clip- scultura e pennino decorato coi simboli della medicina


    Maiora presents Hippocratica, its first writing instrument dedicated to the Hippocratic Oath and its theories under which the Medical School was founded.
    Hippocrates assumed that a person's illness and health depended on the person's specific human circumstances, and not on superior divine intervention; he introduced, for the first time, the concepts of diagnosis, prognosis and medical record.

    Maiora Hippocratica in made of polished black resin with burgundy rings, and palladium finish.
    The shape is the elegant ogival shape of the Ultra-Ogiva, which characterises Maiora production.

    Maiora Hippocratica

    Maiora Hippocratica roller

    Maiora Hippocratica

    Maiora penninoThe nib (and the clip) are docrated with the stylized Rod of Asclepius, ancient Greek symbol associated with medicine: a snake-entwined rod. (Asclepius was the Greek god of medicine - Aesculapius for the Romans).
    The Rod of Asclepius symbolizes the healing arts, due to the snake that, by changing its skin, symbolises rebirth and fertility.

    The fountain pen's filling system is cartridge/converter, and it features a steel nib as EF, F, M, B.

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