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The Mayan Empire was localized in Southern Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras, since 1500 B.C.
They used a hieroglyphic writing system for registering history, religion, commercial activities and rituals; they realized a large water network and a very advanced calendar system, the most accurate of the known calendars before the Gregorian one, with 28 weeks of 13 days each.
Althought they were pacific, usually made human sacrifices with bloody rituals.

The Maya collection

Made in special blue and red resin, hand turned by solid bars, these pens recall the colors used for body paint by Mayan warriors, specially by Quichè tribe.

fountain pen 1K1K
fountain pen 1KS vermeil1KS
Maya closed
The central band, in sterling silver or vermeil (or solid gold, in Celebration version) is carefully engraved with the goldsmith's technique of low-relief, and reproduces the typical decoration of Mayan pottery and jewels.

Limited Edition
Limited Edition
800 fountain pens 1KS
800 fountain pens 1K
800 roller
21 Celebration fp

clipThe clip represents the "double flute", with the two barrels of different length, typical of pre-hispanic civilazations.
This musical instruments has no specific name, but Mayan clay flutes were Chililihtli.
The clip is completely hand-made, in gold plated metal for the 1KS version, or rhodium plated in 1K version .
nibThe Celebration version's clip is made in solid gold, with a ruby and 8 small diamonds.

At the cap top, a metal disc matches the trims, and two colored resin rings (red and deep blue) finish the cap.

18 Kt gold nib, flexible and smooth, and personalized with a reproduction of a famous Mayan mask showing their three phases of life: youth, maturity and old age.
It's available with F, M, B grades; but also special grades like EF, EEF, OM, BB, OB, Stub, can be purchased with a small extra-fee.

Indigenous People

Nativi Americani,

Kanaka Maoli

button The 1KS fountain pen, with vermeil trims, and the Celebration, with gold trims, feature the button filling system; while the 1K model, with silver trims, features the practical cartridge/converter filling system.


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Double Size ink cartridges - 5 pcs box

€ 2.00

Latex spare sac
€ 4.00

Refill for capless roller D8900 - 12 pcs
blue € 39.00
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