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    carta Precious handmade paper also with flower petals embedded

    Antica Cartiera Amalfitana

    The handmade paper

    carta a manoThe very important and noble art of paper manufacturing in Costiera Amalfitana (the South-East cost of Italy) comes from old and proud tradition, since Middle age when it was learnt by Arab population.

    The oldest symbol for watermark in Costiera Amalfitana was the anchor, used since 1376.

    Antica Cartiera Amalfitana is still located in an ancient mill (Molino della Carta di Fresco) in Pucara, near the small village Tramonti, near Salerno. It still uses the ancient equipment that has been restored: blade hydraulic wheel,beater for the defibering of cotton rags, a wonderful tenter with wooden frame and aeration holes in masonry for the sheet air drying, hydraulically operated hammer for sheet glazing - amd the ancient technique of production to get the traditional Amalfitan paper.

    The sheets, cream colored, are slightly personalized in watermark with "cartiera amalfitana" amd the symbol of an anchor.

    carta a manoconfezioneAvailable in several sizes of sheets (cm. 21x29.7 and 16x22) and cards (cm. 13x9)
    formato A4 mezzo foglio biglietti
    scatola da 100

    The hand made paper is available in packages of 10 sheets + 10 envelopes, sealed and tied up with string and sealing wax, and also in large cardboard boxes of 100 sheets + 100 envelopes.

    The flowered paper

    Antica Cartiera Amalfitana produces also the "flowered paper", that's hand made paper with flowers stirred in the paper mixture, with a natural, soft effect..

    carta con fioriconfezioni carta fiori

    formato A4 mezzo foglio biglietti

    The flowered paper is available in 10 sheets + 10 envelopes packages, sealed and tied up with straw threads.

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    Ivory paper cm 21x30 - sealing wax package 10 +10 Sold out
    Ivory paper cm 21x30 - 100 +100 package Sold out
    Ivory paper cm 16x22 - sealing wax package 10+10 18.50€ 14.00
    Ivory paper cm 16x22 - 100 +100 package Sold out
    Ivory paper cm 10x16 - sealing wax package 10+10 17.50€ 13.50
    Ivory paper cm 13x9 - cards sealing wax package 10 +10 16.00€ 12.00
    Paper with flowers cm 21x30 - 10 +10 package Sold out
    Paper with flowers cm 16x22 - 10 +10 package Sold out
    Flosce paper cm 11x16 - package 10+10 Sold out
    Paper with flowers cm 9x13 - 10 +10 package cards Sold out
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