Divina Elegance Oversize or Medium, in pearly resin Divina Elegance

After the Divina Desert in celluloid, and the Divina Black in black lucite, here is a pearly resin version in two charming colors: Imperial Blue and Royal Brown.

The Oversize version re-proposes the Divina Proporzione's length and sizes, according to the golden number 1.618, which is reflected in the proportion of the length of the cap to the length of the pen when closed or open.
The shape is based on the golden spiral that goes around the body, enhanced by sterling silver ribbons, which are handcrafted and put into the barrel's engravings.
The pen's length is mm. 145 (closed).

Divina Eegance BLU oversize
Divina Elegance blu Oversize
Divina Elegance Oversize
Divina Elegance roller Oversize
Large Dreamtouch nib, in in 23 Kt. palladium: EF, F, M, B, Stub.
Push&Pull Touchdown filling system, with the filling button getting pushed into the body, re-emerging with a simple click.

The Mediun size pen is slightly smaller (length mm. 134, closed), and features the same Push&Pull filling system.
Small Dreamtouch 23 Kt. palladium nib, F, M, B.

Divina Elegance
Divina Elegance
Divina Elegance
Divina Elegance

chiusuraThe Hook Safe Lock closing system consists of a series of tiny grooves inside the cap that perfectly engage with the pen's section with a slight twist. It ensures that the spiral design is perfect when the pen is capped, and gives a pleasant feeling of safety and lightness.

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personalization with MyPenSystem - the 2 initials
€ 6.00

Laminated blotting papers - cm.6x11 -
€ 4.00

Extra-fee for special tips of large Dreamtouch nib
€ 50.00

Refills VA40 for roller - ceramic - 10 pieces

€ 35.00

Refills VA49 for ballpoint - 10 pieces - tip B

€ 40.00
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