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    Alessandro Magno A tribute to one of the greatest conqueror of the ancient world, a pen with bronze and gold


    Limited Edition
    323 pieces among
    fountain pens
    and rollerballs
    Every year, Visconti commemorates a famous character; and it has chosen Alexander the Great (356-323 A.C.) for 2023, being 2.300 years from his death.
    Ancient Macedonian leader, he is considered one of the most famous conquerors and strategists in history. He founded and restored numerous cities, including the largest in the ancient world: Alexandria, the centre of Hellenistic civilisation. He died in Babylon at the age of only 32, possibly of malaria or maybe of cirrhosis of the liver.

    The pen is cylindrical in shape, with tapered ends. The ends of the barrel and cap have grooves, reminiscent of Greek columns.

    Visconti Alexander the Great fountain pen

    Scrimshaw is a technique consisting of cutting resin
    with a very sharp tool, creating a decorative pattern.
    The images are then filled in with printing ink,
    in this case a silver colour,
    nd left to dry dry for at least three days.
    At the end of the process, the surface is finely smoothed
    until the design appears.
    At this moment, Visconti is the only company in the
    world to use this technique for its production.
    Both the barrel and the cap are engraved with a map of Alexander the Great's empire using the Scrimshaw technique.

    The finishing is made of aged bronze and the decorations are typical of ancient Greece.
    The barrel is adorned with a large bronze band with a gold-plated silver medallion depicting a bas-relief portrait of Alexander.

    The cap band bears the inscription 'Alexander the Great'.
    The spear-shaped clip, in homage to the Macedonian phalanges, is also made of aged bronze. The emblem at the top of the clip is made of golden silver and represents the sun, the emblem of Alexander's family.

    Visconti Alexander the Great

    Visconti Alexander the Great pistonFilling system: piston, Power filler double reservoir
    Nib: 18Kt gold, as EF, F, M, B, Stub

    The pen is packaged in a impressive box, topped by a bronze sculpture of Alexander the Great on horseback.
    A magnetic holder firmly holds the pen vertically above the box.

    Visconti box


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