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Chinese lacquer for the powerful red Dragon that coils around the pen Dragon

According to Legend, the Emperor of Jade summoned all the animals in creation to a mysterious meeting, promising them a special reward; but only 12 animals came.
The Emperor then gave their name to all years from then on, in the order of their arrival. The fifth sign is the Dragon, the only mythological animal to be included in the Chinese zodiac.

Limited Edition
888 fountain pens
888 rollerballs

2012 is the year of the Dragon, the legendary founder of Chinese civilization, guardian of the elements across the successive dynasties, and symbol of perseverance and success.
To celebrate this year and confirm its admiration for Chinese culture, Caran d’Ache, Maison de Haute Ecriture, has created a new, prestigious writing instrument in only 888 pieces, because 8 is considered a lucky number in China, ensuring prosperity and balance in life.

Year of the Dragon
Year of the Dragon

detailCap and body are covered in genuine chinese lacquer. The underneath layer is mat red lacquered, covered by layers of hand-polished black lacquer that designs the dragon's outline and scales.

The whole pen is surrounded by the sinuous form of the powerful red dragon.
detail of gripAs guardian of all the Earth's riches, it seizes possession of this Limited Edition, gripping the body with the full force of its five fingers, the nibnever to part from it and to protect it with eternal goodwill.

The Dragon motif appears also five times on the golden grip, engraved by laser to enrich the pen with glimmers of light.

All finishings are gold plated.

18 Kt gold nib, only M.

The chinese lacquer is a living and fascinating material, used since the Shan Dinasty inl XIV Century. Its technique calls for a high degree of skills and patience, a tipically Oriental virtue. Lacquer is applied by hand in a succession of fine layers and few master craftsmen of Caran d'Ache were trained in this formidably delicate process, also combining modern technology.

DragoneTo draw the Chinese character
for the word Dragon on the writing instrument,
Caran d'Ache called on the talents of
the best contemporary artist, Li Qiang Sheng,
wellknown for his skillful calligraphy
and his ability to combine
the ancient techniques of writing in Chinese ink
with Western culture.

The Year of Dragon is a piece of the Artist Collection series: limited editions, created in close collaboration with artists and craftsmen in several fields, from jewelry to sculpture.
They're magnificent pieces, rich for precious materials, that perfectly illustrate the expertise of a Maison di Haute Ecriture.

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Year of the Dragon lacquer fountain pen   Medium  € 2430.00
Year of the Dragon lacquer roller   roller  € 2190.00
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