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    Oceania Variegated resin with red veins, like the Australian earth

    OCEANIA Limited

    Limited Edition
    7500 fountain pens
    7.500 ballpens
    5.500 roller
    999 Sketch pencils

    After Afrika, Asia, Europa and America, Aurora closes its ideal tour of the world with Oceania.

    The pen is made of sand-color resin and features red hues to recall sunburnt land and sunsets over Ayers Rock (Uluru).
    Uluru Ayers RockUluru is one of Australia's most recognisable natural landmarks, and it's notable for appearing to change colour at different times of the day and year, most notably when it glows red at dawn and sunset.

    Oceania fountain pen
    Oceania roller

    The casual design of mixed veins are always different; therefore, all pens are unique and different each other.

    18 Kt rose gold nib, available as EF, F, M, B.
    Filling system is mechanical piston with hidden reserve; and ink window on the barrel.

    Oceania testinaOceania fascetta Oceania clip

    A cabochon jasper red gem is set at the cap top; the clip is engraved with the Oceania outline.
    The central ring is red lacquered and decorated with the symbols of Oceania: a turtle (the oldest turtle in the world was Australian, and died in 1996, at 176!), a kangaroo, a boomerang and aNautilus shells, typical of Papua/New Guinea islands.
    All the meatl trims are plated in rose gold.

    A ballpen, a capped roller and a large-lead Sketch pencil match the collection.

    Oceania penna a sfera
    Oceania matitone

    Confezione regalo Matitone Oceania

    The large-lead Sketch pencil is avalable also in a gift package, which includes also a desk lead-sharpener, which is rose gold plated as well, plus a box of leads and a pen pouch.

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    Description Color Version List Price €
    Oceania - fountain pen 840.00€ 659.00
    Oceania - roller roller600.00€ 464.00
    Oceania - ballpen ball pen450.00€ 347.00
    Oceania - Sketch pencil pencil525.00€ 406.00
    Oceania - Sketch pencil in gift package pencilSold out
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