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    door1919 Torino, Via della Basilica.
    Inside an ancient door, in the old city's heart, the early Aurora fountain pens were born.

    All these years of fond of work, of continuous technological innovations, with the meticulous and patient use of ancient craft skills, have got each Aurora fountain pen is a wonderful instrument.
    All over the world people appreciates and loves them.

    Giardino Italiano is authorized dealer of Aurora pens

    Aurora- 88 MambaLimited

    88 Mamba
    The stylish and contemporary version of the classic 88 series, in coloured resin and Guillochè engraving

    Aurora- DedaloLimited

    Inspired to Dedalus and his labyrinth in Crete.

    Aurora- AmbientiLimited

    Collection of 5 pens, inspired by natural places, their colors and scents

    Aurora- 100 AnniversarioLimited

    100 Anniversario
    Celebrative fountain pen for the 100th anniversary of Aurora

    Aurora- CaleidoscopioLimited

    Blue or Pink , inspired to the magic of kaleidoscopes

    Aurora- InternazionaleLimited

    Re-edition of the wellknown Internazionale, a great success of ‘30s

    Aurora- Optima FlexLimited

    Optima Flex
    A new series with flex nib - one color per month, all 2018 long

    Aurora- Gaius Julius CaesarLimited

    Gaius Julius Caesar
    Limited Edition honouring the Roman general Caius Julius Caesar, in white-grey marbled auroloide.

    Aurora- Papa FrancescoLimited

    Papa Francesco
    Pen collection devoted to Pope Francis - silver limited edition and chromed regular edition.

    Aurora- OceaniaLimited


    Aurora- Roma

    Red resin and sterling silver (or rose vermeil) for the cap decoration

    Aurora- Ipsilon Juventus

    Ipsilon Juventus
    Special Edition honouring the Juventus Football Club - black and white.

    Aurora- Ipsilon Quadra

    Ipsilon Quadra
    Sterling silver and Guilloche engravings in Ipsilon line. 14 Kt gold nib.

    Aurora- Ipsilon

    Colored resin and gold plated trims - but also satin resin with steel trims, and marbled laquer.

    Aurora- Dante InfernoLimited

    Dante Inferno
    Fountain pen in black lacquer with red details and rose gold finish, honouring Dante Alighieri and his Divine Comedy

    Aurora- AmericaLimited

    Fountain pen, rollerball and ballpen for the blue and red limited edition devoted to American continent

    Aurora- Ipsilon 150Limited

    Ipsilon 150
    Limited Edition Ipsilon for the 150th Anniversary of the Unity of Italy

    Aurora- Torino 150

    Torino 150
    Special Edition honouring Torino in the 150th Anniversary of the Unity of Italy

    Aurora- Papa BeatoLimited

    Papa Beato
    Limited Edition in auroloid and sterling silver with gem at the cap top

    Aurora- PalladioLimited

    Black lacquer and rose-gold collection, with Palladian decorations

    Aurora- EuropaLimited

    Fumo di Londra" grey-white-black veined resin, piston filled, 18 kt white gold nib

    Aurora- Riflessi

    Sterling silver cap and body, Guilloch decored, 18 Kt gold nib

    Aurora- NobileLimited

    Ebonite and precious metals, piston filled, retractable nib

    Aurora- 85th AnniversaryLimited

    85th Anniversary
    Chiselled silver and ed resin, with piston filling system

    Aurora- AsiaLimited

    Made in veined resin, in green-red colours, as fountain pen, ballpoint, rollerball, pencil, Sketch.

    Aurora- PapaLimited

    Golden pen with white agate on the top, piston filled.

    Aurora- Venezia

    Black resin barrel and silver or vermeil decorated cap

    Aurora- AfrikaLimited

    Made in veined resin, in ochre-brown colours. Limited Edition for fountain pen, ballpoint, rollerball.

    Aurora- Da VinciLimited

    Da Vinci
    Gold plated with lacquered decoration, inspired to the Works of Leonardo.

    Aurora- OPTIMA

    Classic pen, in variegated auroloide or black resin, golden or chromed trims.

    Aurora- 88

    Classic line, in black resin with golden trims

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