Aurora Da Vinci Gold plated with lacquered decoration, inspired to the Works of Leonardo


Leonardo da VinciLeonardo Da Vinci

Dedicated to the greatest genius of all time: Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519), scientist, engineer, inventor, painter, architect, designer. Aurora creates these masterpieces of italian workmanship; less would not be right. pennino

The Fountainpen

Two are the models of this pen: completely gold plated (cap and body), or with gold plated cap and burgundy lacquered body. Limited Edition to 1919 pieces only each model. Both have the exclusive internal lever-type filling system and a new nib, designed as a bird feather, made in 18 Kt solid gold.

The golden caps of the pens are decorated with lacquer filled engravings drawn from the Works of Leonardo, and from his designs. The fully golden pen is so decorated also in all the body.

Aurora Leonardo da Vinci CapAurora Leonardo da Vinci Resin Roller
Aurora Leonardo da Vinci CapAurora Leonardo da Vinci Resin Fountainpen
Aurora Leonardo da Vinci CapAurora Leonardo da Vinci Golden Roller
Aurora Leonardo da Vinci CapAurora Leonardo da Vinci Golden Fountainpen

Limited Edition
Limited Edition
1919 Fountainpens
499 roller

Turned, smoothed and hand polished resin for the grip.

The rollerball models are available as well, in both the versions.

The exclusive clip with articulated joint movement recalls his projects.


Aurora Leonardo da Vinci internal lever-type filling system    Aurora Leonardo da Vinci Decoration     Aurora Leonardo da Vinci packaging

Each fountain pen comes in an elegant case with a precious magnifying lens paperweight.

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Leonardo da Vinci lacquered fountain pen    2450 € 1920.00
Leonardo da Vinci golden fountain pen    3000 € 2430.00
Leonardo da Vinci lacquered rollerball   roller 1700 € 1310.00
Leonardo da Vinci golden rollerball   roller 2200 € 1690.00
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Laminated blotting papers - cm.6x11 -
€ 4.00

refills for roller - 12 pieces box

€ 60.00
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