Delta nibClassic and modern designs, exotic and precious materials, both tradition and innovation are reflected in Delta's collections of writing instruments.
As collectors and pen enthusiasts become more demanding and appreciative of handmade products, Delta will continue to offer writing instruments made with great attention to detail by its very skilled artisans using techniques and know-how passed down through generations.
made in Italy

Delta has been certified as 100% made in Italy, by Istituto per la Tutela dei Produttori Italiani.

Delta also signs watches and leather goods.

Giardino Italiano is authorized dealer of Delta pens

Delta- Magnifica Amalfi

Magnifica Amalfi
Collection devoted to Amalfi city and coast, made with blue and light blue resin, and olive wood

Delta- Dolcevita Masterpiece

Dolcevita Masterpiece
Black and orange resin mixed in smooth waves, always different- every pen is unique

Delta- PapuasiLimited

Indigenous People series - made of veined resin in the mud colors

Delta- Journal

Pens made with pearly and marbled resin, various colors

Delta- Passion

Resin and silver; steel nib, good price.

Delta- Sea Wood

Sea Wood
Iroko wood pens in two colors, light and dark, with resin and rhodiated metal finishings

Delta- BribriLimited

Indigenous People - black and pink-red resin, honouring the Costa Rica people

Delta- Romeo and Giulietta F.

Romeo and Giulietta F.
Romeo and Giulietta Forever, numbered edition in several colors and two sizes.

Delta- Fusion One

Fusion One
Plain colors, higly polished, Fusion nib

Delta- Dolcevita Fusion

Dolcevita Fusion
Dolcevita colors in classic orange or Soiree version, with more rounded and slim shape, and Fusion nib

Delta- LexLimited

Two versions (Limited or numbered edition) for the pen made for the Law.

Delta- Fusion 82

Fusion 82
Pens in marbled resin, of several colors - blue, white, brown, grey, green, pink - with Fusion nib

Delta- Hippocratica

Blue and red resin pens, inspired by the Hippocratic Oath, with the new Fusion nib. Converter filled.

Delta- Kanaka MaoliLimited

Kanaka Maoli
Indigenous People - resin in Ocean's colors, honouring Hawaiian people

Delta- MomoDesignLimited

Carbon fiber, celluloid and titanium for the 30th anniversary of MomoDesign - also in Celebration version, in rose gold

Delta- Capri Night Day

Capri Night Day
Pens of Capri collection: blue like the sea (Day) and white like the moon (Night)

Delta- MayaLimited

Indigenous People - red and blue pens with precious hand-made clip

Delta- VESPUCCILimited

The cap's wood comes from the Amerigo Vespucci, vessel of Italian Navy Academy.

Delta- MapucheLimited

Indigenous People - veined white and black resin

Delta- AdivasiLimited

Indigenous People - in coloured pearly resin and antiquate silver.

Delta- CAPRI Marina Gr-Pic

CAPRI Marina Gr-Pic
Marina Grande and Marina Piccola: silver and resin, with 14 kt gold nib

Delta- SamiLimited

Indigenous People - in coloured resin and antiquate silver.

Delta- Israel 60Limited

Israel 60
In resin and silver, also in vermeil or gold, 18 Kt gold nib.

Delta- GaribaldiLimited

In resin and silver, also a hand painted version, 18 Kt gold nib.

Delta- CarusoLimited

In marbled celluloid, with 18 Kt gold nib

Delta- WE

In special resin with good-luck red pepper inside the clip, 14 Kt gold nib

Delta- WE'

In special resin with good-luck red pepper inside the clip, 14 Kt gold nib

Delta- IndiosLimited

Indigenous People - in black and brown resin.

Delta- AinuLimited

Indigenous People - in pearly blue resin with coloured rings.

Delta- Alfa Romeo 1750Limited

Alfa Romeo 1750
In Alfa Red resin and sterling silver trim

Delta- CossackLimited

Indigenous People - in pearly grey and red resin. - SOLD OUT

Delta- MaoriLimited

Indigenous People - in black, white and red resin.

Delta- TuaregLimited

Indigenous People - in darkish blue resin and sterling silver trims.

Delta- Don QuijoteLimited

Don Quijote
Red or green veined resin, with sterling silver details

Delta- Dolcevita

Orange barrel and black cap in special resin with silver trim, three sizes available

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