Watermark demo

Transparent resin and cut-out sterling silver filigree


Limited Edition
888 total pieces
of fountain pens and rollers

Visconti started producing pens with silver filigree in 1993, with a pen inspired by Uffizi Museum.
This technique was improved over the years with wellknown productions (Skeleton in 2002, and and Ripple in 2004).

The Watermark Demo reproduces a pattern made with Visconti logos: an irregular design that recalls their brand like a paper filigree.

Watermark Demo Silver
Watermark Demo - roller
Watermark Demo Visconti

The pattern was cut out from a solid tube of sterling silver. Over 20 manual operations are necessary to give the pen its ultimate look, plus the final assembly.
The absolutely transparent resin enhances its beauty.
Watermark Visconti

Dreamtouch nib, in 23 palladium, available as F, M, B.
The special tips, EF and ST, are available with an extra fee.

Filling system is Double reservoir Power Filler.

Elegant black wood box.

Transparent resin and cut-out sterling silver filigree - double reservoir
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Watermark Demo - silver fountain pen     € 1300.00
Watermark Demo - silver roller   roller  € 1122.00
Extra-fee for special tips of large Dreamtouch nib     € 50.00
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Refills VA40 for roller - ceramic - 10 pieces

€ 35.00