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    Wood jewels for writing.
    The passion for precious wood and the will to give value to one of the most used accessories in the life of a person, writing the most beautiful pages together, were the origins of Storia.
    Its peculiarity of veins and patterns, its color shades, its scent, make a Storia wood pen unique, and unrepeatable; the most personal object that you could want to distinguish yourself.

    All the Storia pens are hand made, starting from a raw piece of wood, hand polished and refined.

    Giardino Italiano is authorized dealer of Storia pens.

    Storia- Zebrano

    Special Offer: Pens made with zebrawood, hand turned and refined, with always different streaks

    Storia- Fossil

    Pens made with fossil oak wood, with radiocarbon dating certificate - hand made.

    Storia- Mille

    A real thousand lira banknote applied on each pen

    Storia- Time

    Brass and transparent resin with watches parts and mechanisms

    Storia- Ulivo

    Hand turned and hand finished pens, made of olive wood. The different shades and veins of the wood make each piece unique.

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