Love pen

Devoted to love, hand-painted by Alessandro Salami one by one





Alessandro Salami started working on micro-drawing approximatively ten years ago, developing an artistic pathway that brought him to experience several techniques and materials, and a passion for painting over pens.

The Love pen is aerograph painted all over cap and body of a Aurora Style fountain pen. Each pen is hand painted, and signed by the artist in an edge of the cap.

hand painted pen - Love
Love fountain pen

Hand painted in XIX Century's romantic style, with a dark background and a couple that gently hugs each other.

A large red rose is painted on the back of the cap, with a red ribbon that shows the word "love".

Love fountain pen by Alessandro Salami
Love - hand painted fountain pen

details of the barrel - LoveThe artist, Alessandro Salami, reproduced on the barrel a timeless couple, dressed up, eternalized in a shy embrace.
The shaded red background enphasizes the feeling's intensity coming from the portraits.
Only non-toxic, acrylic colours have been used, and the process is completely hand made, even the final polish protective coating.

Cartidge/converter filling system.
Steel nib, with M tip.
Chromed trims.

The pen comes in a precious brown leather box, with lock and key.



Aerograph hand painted Aurora Style fountain pen - by Alessandro Salami painter
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